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KCI's TSS Business Unit Announces First Non-Foam-Based Pressure Redistribution Surface Available in U.S. for Patients up to 1000 Pounds

Released : May 17th 2011

AtmosAir Fit MRS Sets a New Benchmark in the Challenge to Ensure Skin Integrity and Pressure Ulcer Prevention for Morbidly Obese Patients

KCI, Leader in Advanced Wound Care Solutions

SAN ANTONIO—May 17, 2011— Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (NYSE:KCI) announced today that it will significantly enhance its product offering for the care of obese patients by making its AtmosAir Fit Mattress Replacement System (MRS) standard on the company's BariMaxx II Bed. The AtmosAir Fit MRS uses a proprietary, air-driven pressure redistribution method for patients weighing up to 1000 pounds, offering an improvement over foam-based pressure redistribution technologies. By combining the AtmosAir Fit MRS with the BariMaxx II Bed, more patients can now receive continuous pressure redistribution therapy.

The AtmosAir family of products, launched by KCI in 1999, is the standard of care for many hospitals across the country as the baseline defense against pressure ulcers, which are costly and avoidable never events. While other products in this sector largely consist of foam for pressure redistribution, the AtmosAir Fit MRS is the first and only non-powered, bariatric surface that doesn't rely primarily on foam for pressure redistribution therapy.

"The AtmosAir Fit MRS, in combination with the BariMaxx II Bed, creates a new standard of care in the safe and dignified treatment of bariatric patients," said Stephen Seidel, global president, KCI Therapeutic Support Systems. "Our confidence in the AtmosAir line of products and their clinical use in helping to prevent skin breakdown has prompted us to standardize what we believe is a superior solution for patients and clinicians."

Using unique, non-powered Self Adjusting Technology, the AtmosAir Fit MRS delivers uninterrupted therapy—even when transporting a patient or during electrical power outages. A pressurized system of independent, dynamic air cylinders with intake and regulator valves automatically adjusts in reaction to a patient's movements, evenly distributing body weight throughout the mattress and displacing pressure. Combining the AtmosAir Fit MRS and the BariMaxx II Bed helps prevent skin breakdown and facilitate safe patient handling, while maintaining patient dignity.

"The AtmosAir Fit MRS brings value to my practice, economically and in terms of patient outcomes," said Russell Gornichec, M.D., P.C., Weight Loss Center of Oklahoma. "In fact, it is now a standard order for all of my bariatric surgery patients to be placed on a BariMaxx II with an AtmosAir Fit MRS."

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