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V.A.C. Dressing Technology

Illustration of V.A.C. GranuFoam

The V.A.C. GranuFoam Difference

The Science of Cellular Wound Healing

The unique pore structure of V.A.C.® GranuFoam™ Dressings actively help promote healing at the cellular level. Each tiny pore is intended to deliver the necessary mechanisms critical to wound healing.


  • Actively promotes tissue granulation at the cellular level
  • Flexible design adapts to the contours of deep and irregularly shaped wounds
  • 400 – 600 micron pore sizes help provide uniform distribution of negative pressure (NPWT) at the wound site
  • Hydrophobic pore structure helps facilitate exudate and infectious material removal
  • Compresses to less than half its size under negative pressure to help draw wound edges together
  • Induces macrostrain and microstrain
V.A.C. GranuFoam Open Abdominal Dressing System

Because chronic and acute wounds can be difficult to treat, V.A.C. Therapy, also known as NPWT (Negative pressure Wound Therapy) offers multiple dressing options engineered for specific wound applications.

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